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About Us

Adam and Angie

The night Adam proposed in Ubud, Bali (2016)

Hey what’s up?? We’re Adam and Angie! Want to know a bit more about us huh?

Well we were both born in Australia and currently live and work in Canberra. We’re both half Asian; Angie is Indonesian/Australian, and Adam is Filipino/Australian. Angie is the talented one; she’s fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and knows a little bit of Tetum, and is also an accomplished guitar player and singer. Adam… well he’s good at tidying up after Angie 😛

We’re both slightly obsessed with everything travel and try to get out and see the world as often as we can. Since she was a child, Angie looked forward to her family’s annual trip to Indonesia to visit her mother’s family. She loved everything about those trips – the food, the culture, the people! Those trips ultimately ignited her desire to travel and she has since lived in the US, and been to countries in Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Adam on the other hand only really caught the travel bug during his time at university where he attended various overseas programs and studied in Vienna. He has since chewed through 2.5 passports and visited 45+ countries, many of them multiple times. An adventurous backpacker and landscape lover at heart, some of his most memorable journeys have been in Mexico, Morocco, Bolivia, Northern Iraq, Syria, Nepal and Western China. He also loves exploring his mother’s homeland; the Philippines – a truly beautiful and underrated part of the world.

Where we have been:

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Why “Travel Apocalypse”?

We thought it was a clever spin on the zombie apocalypse and a quirky way to inspire others to get out and see the world sooner rather than later… before it’s too late!

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

adam-and-angie-1Everybody has things holding them back in life – work, study, family, money, fear, etc. We’re no different. Although we’d love to travel full-time, reality is it’s not always that easy. We both have full-time jobs and like most people we try to balance our ‘regular’ lives with our desire to travel. Thankfully our jobs are pretty flexible so we manage to get out and see the world multiple times a year which works for us for now.

This site is mainly a way for us to keep our travel passion alive when we’re not travelling, and to document our adventures for when we are. It’s our reminder to not get too complacent in our regular lives and to always have a couple of trips planned as something to look forward to.

We also hope to inspire and motivate others along the way. Travel really is a beautiful thing and the most powerful educator. The people you meet, the experiences you create and the memories you share.

There really is no better time to travel than right now – so get out and see the world while you still can!

What have been your most memorable experiences?

Adam and AngieAdam – I love getting off the beaten path and exploring random places. One of my most memorable journeys was when I travelled through China for 4 months with a friend and ended up in the far-western province of Xinjiang near the Tajikistan/Pakistan border. The landscapes in this part of the world are unbelievable and the culture is so distinct – it’s a mash up of Chinese, Central Asian and Middle Eastern. Getting there overland was a real adventure in itself; we spent about two weeks on numerous overnight train rides, often in the cheapest seater class. On one occasion we bought the even cheaper standing tickets for a 16-hour leg just to save a couple of dollars. We spent the night sleeping on the floor in the isle of the carriage on some newspaper!

Have you ever had any mis-adventures?

Adam and AngieAdam – In Guatemala I was robbed of all my possessions including my money and passport (read: The time I was robbed in Guatemala!). In Tijuana Mexico I was man-handled by a bunch of undercover police and had a gun pulled on me after they mistook me for a Mexican gang member. In India I got so sick from something I ate I didn’t stop vomiting and shitting for two weeks and lost 10kgs. I’ve also been in countless dodgy situations and probably scammed or ripped off more times than I’d like to admit!

Angie – Whilst studying abroad in Indonesia I was grabbed by the shirt by a guy on a motorcycle who proceeded to speed down a hill dragging me along with him! Luckily, I managed to kick the back tire which caused the bike to buckle and he let me go and sped off! I also remember my first trip to Fiji where I was a victim of the “kava scam” – over friendly locals invite you into their store for a “kava ceremony” only to pressure you into buying something in their store at a ridiculous price. I left with a Fiji shot glass and was $40 poorer. Yep.

What are your future plans?

Get married, have kids, and move to Bali! Angie dreams of starting her own bridal makeup and wedding planning business there, and Adam dreams of enjoying the sunshine and surfing every day!

About Us

Bali, Indonesia (2016)

We're Adam and Angie – a young Aussie couple passionate about all things travel! Our website is a place for us to share our crazy adventures and experiences with the aim of motivating and inspiring others to get out and see the world sooner rather than later!

We'll help you travel better and cheaper through our informative blogs, helpful tips and personal advice. We're not full-time nomads, we're regular people with regular jobs – BUT we prioritise and make sure we escape the rat race at every opportunity. So whatever your situation is, come follow us, get inspired, get educated, and get out while you still can!