10 Best Reasons To Visit Dubai


Jumeirah Beach

If you’re not planning to visit Dubai, we have plenty of reasons why you absolutely should. Why? Well, Dubai spells luxury, charm, unbeatable manmade marvels, modern architecture like no other, and much more. Add to that the fact that Dubai has broken many world records – the largest manmade island, the tallest building, the highest restaurant – too many to list here. If you still need reasons to visit, read on, and we hope what we have to say convinces you to pack your bags!

  1. A Skyline You Can Write A Poem About

Whether you get a bird’s eye view of Dubai’s skyline from a helicopter or from a cruise boat, it’s just spectacular. There’s no other word to describe the sheer beauty of Dubai’s manmade Palm Islands, the Burj Al Arab, Atlantis the Palm Hotel, the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, the Dubai Frame, Ain Dubai and so many more marvels.

Helicopter Ride Dubai

  1. An Array Of Foodie Haunts Offering Every Cuisine Your Tongue Desires

Dubai is literally a palace of gastronomical delights for the foodie traveler. The city’s diverse population has caused a thriving food scene, with literally every cuisine in the world featured. Whether your preference is gourmet food or a bite of Michelin-starred chef cuisine, you’ll find it in Dubai. What’s more, the Dubai Food Festival held in February draws global foodies to pay homage to the city’s chefs.

  1. Unbelievable Desert Safaris

Dubai has different kinds of desert safaris – wonderful ones, exclusive ones and superlative luxurious ones. Apart from the regular morning, evening or overnight safaris which offer a horde of attractions and desert adventures, there are spectacular private luxury safaris as well. How about a private luxury desert safari in a Mercedes Benz G-Class VIP car with optional airport transfers? You get all the goodies thrown in including a 5-Star Michelin chef’s food. One of the best things to do in Dubai is to sign up for a desert safari with a reliable tour operator such as Rayna Tours for a truly exhilarating experience.

Desert Safari

  1. Golden Sand Beaches, Aquamarine Waters And Luxury Beach Resorts

Consider this – more than 1,000 kilometers of golden coastline, warm aqua waters, and over 300 days of sunshine per year. Are you sorting out your beach gear yet? Dubai’s waters are perfect for every kind of ocean sport and the coastlines are rife with mangroves for kayaking enthusiasts. Get us to talk about Dubai’s exclusive 5-Star spa and beach resorts and we can go on for another ten pages. Suffice it to say that Dubai is the world’s latest destination for beach fun of all kinds.

  1. You Want To See The Latest Marvel That Dubai Has Come Up With

Dubai was this sleepy backwater fishing village at one point. Not any longer. Today Dubai is that happening place where things happen and they happen quickly. Just look how many architectural marvels have come up in just 5 years – the world’s biggest observatory wheel, Ain Dubai. Then the Dubai Frame, Dubai Opera, the Palm Islands, the World Map Islands, the spectacular Dubai Creek Harbor, Museum of the Future and more. And while you look away just for a moment, Dubai comes up with another spectacularly mind-blowing extravaganza that you simply cannot afford to miss.

Dubai Opera House

Dubai Opera House

  1. Dubai Is The Middle East’s World Paris

You don’t need to book tickets to Paris if you want to enjoy the art scene. Dubai has it all – right from the slick art galleries in the Financial Centre, to the Alserkal Avenue art district which are must places to visit in Dubai. The Dubai Design District has more art than you can bear, and the annual Design Days or Art Dubai design festivals are a definite treat.

Dubai Design District

Dubai Design District

  1. Once You’ve Shopped Here, You’ll Never Shop Elsewhere

That’s just how it is. The Dubai Mall, the world’s largest mall beats every other place you’ve shopped at. Then there’s the incredible Emirates Mall with gold souq, Dubai Marina Mall, WAFI Mall, Dubai Outlet Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, BurJuman, Mercato Shopping Mall – we could go on and on. Oh and did we mention the souqs of Deira and Bur Dubai, selling perfumes, spices, silks, carpets and gold?

Dubai mall

Dubai Mall

  1. A Veritable City Of Gold

If you’re gold-crazy, or want to invest in gold or buy a bit of pure 24 carat gold, then head to Dubai. You can see the glitter of gold in Dubai’s Gold Souk in Deira, part of Dubai’s historic and mystical past, from a distance. It is said that over 10,000 kilograms of 24 carat gold are housed here at any given point.

Dubai Gold Souk

Dubai Gold Souk

  1. The World’s Only 7-Star Hotel

Right now Dubai is the only country that can boast of 7-Star service. If you hanker for some true-blue royal luxury, or have more money than you know what to do with, you must visit Dubai just to experience the amazing Burj Al Arab hotel. A single night at a deluxe suite on the 25th floor will set you back by $25,000. A single glass of wine can cost up to $600.  If you’re not throwing big bucks around, you definitely want to take tea at the Aswan Lounge and check out the hotel.

  1. A Ski Slope In The Middle Of A Desert

You’ve probably been to tons of ski resorts but this is something else. It’s a real indoor ski resort that is maintained at sub-zero temperatures. It’s the incongruity of stepping into below-freezing temps when it’s boiling outside that’s so irresistible. Ski Dubai has 5 ski slopes including a 400-meter long black run. We personally love the penguin show and the kid’s play area too.

Ski Dubai


So have we given you enough reasons to visit Dubai, or at least to spark your curiosity? While writing about an unbelievable city like Dubai, it’s tough to rein in the superlative adjectives, but we’ve managed for the most part. We want to tell you like it is. This is one heck of a destination-not-to-miss-for-whatever-reason.

This post was contributed by Neha Singh from Dubai Wikia.

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