Born in Sydney Australia, Adam loves getting off the beaten path and exploring random places, beautiful landscapes, sexy beaches, interesting cuisines and learning about local customs. He has travelled to 45+ countries across the world, many of them multiple times, including his mother's homeland the Philippines which he loves and visits regularly.

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  1. Allan
    February 9, 2016 @ 8:02 am

    Travelling to Boracay is actually quite easy and efficient, especially compared to other places in the Philippines. They have got it down to a fine art how to effectively move large numbers of tourists on and off the island every day. Fast ferries are replacing the slower bangka outrigger boats and electric buggies are replacing the noisy tricycles. Also wind powered electricity from the nearby main island is providing a more reliable electricity supply, there are free water stations, beaches are kept quite clean, island hopping tours and other attractions are reasonably priced and the friendly Filipino people speak very good English and are genuinely glad that you have come to visit their country.
    I have been there 3 times, staying for up to a month, and although expensive compared to elsewhere in the Philippines, it is cheap compared to say holidaying in Australia, especially if you get a cheap deal from Cebu Pacific Air.


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